About KC 

KC is a Tropical Vedic Astrologer who practices Cartomancy along with Human Design. She offers card readings using the Cards of Truth system, which blends cartomancy with components of Vedic Astrology to show a person's life path. In addition to this, KC also likes to incorporate Human Design in to her birth spread readings in order to add another layer of confluence for her clients. KC's readings are extremely detailed and insightful. She strives to provide her clients with clarity, support, and additional guidance on their life's journey. 


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Readings with KC Astrology are available for purchase through PayPal. To purchase your reading, follow the instructions below.

Upon booking with PayPal, please include your birth details: (mm/dd/yyyy), birth place, and birth time; as well as your three themes or questions, and an email address. I will reach out to you within 24 hours to confirm the details of your reading. Please allow 10 business days from the time of your purchase to receive your audio-recorded reading

Cards of Truth— Year Reading

An audio-recorded reading of your 13-card Year Spread with important dates & life details included. Please submit 1-3 questions or themes to focus on. This reading will be delivered via email.

Cards of Truth— Life Reading

An audio-recorded, reading of your 13 card Birth Spread with important life details, and dates included. Please submit 1-3 questions or themes to focus on. This reading will be emailed to you.

Divination Reading

In this reading, I will manually cast a card spread to answer a single question. This reading will be audio-recorded and emailed to you.

Human Design Career Reading

An audio-recorded reading that is career focused. Submit up to 3 questions revolving around your work and career. Using a combination of HD, Gene Keys, and Cards of Truth principles, I will analyze your HD Bodygraph to take a focused look at your potential career paths. This reading will be delivered via email.

Sample Cards of Truth Reading


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