Client Testimonials

Thank you so much for this beautiful reading, I enjoyed every second of it. Your energy is very calming and soothing. It was very enlightening and you helped me clarify a lot of things and the accuracy of it all is incredible. It was very detailed, well structured and the recording quality was really great too. It really helped me clarify and put words to what I’ve been feeling and helped me understand my life.



I ordered the Compatibility Reading on a whim, and I'm so impressed with it! It was very accurate and I resonated so much with everything you said about our relationship!



This is my second time getting a reading with KC Astrology, I’m so excited to dive into this in depth reading!!


Pittsburgh, USA

The reading I got from Kc was truly helpful, insightful, and accurate. I told her a few things about how my year was going so far (as I bought the yearly spread) and she both gave me advice about some issues, and funnily enough also accurately assumed the specifics of what had happened, even though the things I had told her about were pretty vague. The reading was really extensive and detailed. Overall I'm beyond happy with this reading, I highly recommend her as an astrologer and tarot reader!!!



I'm finally getting a chance to fully listen to my reading and I'm so impressed! How do you KNOW SO MUCH? ALL those cards and symbols and plants! IT'S WILD! So scary accurate! A lot resonated with me. Also, it feels like we're just talking on the phone!


Toronto, Canada

KC was extremely thorough and not only explained general concepts, but connected the concepts into meaningful predictions and statements. Her level of knowledge of astrology is exceptional and I cannot wait for other services to be offered to also take advantage of those. I would recommend this service to anyone who is looking for another way to analyze and interpret their natal chart. The insights gained were invaluable! Thank you!!


Pittsburgh, USA

Kc_astrology's reading was very informative, and she explained cartomancy in a way that was easy to understand even though I didn't know the system. She has knowledge in both vedic and western astrology, which made my reading so much more rich. It was extremely detailed and I'm really impressed with the amount of information I got from it at this price. She went beyond my asked theme, and made incredibly accurate predictions even without me giving any information about that specific topic.



This was a great reading, KC. I loved it.